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11 am - 3 pm

Lunch Menu

Combo Options


Lunch combinations include a slice of pizza or pasta; salad or soup & beverage.

Modest Meals


Cheese Slice Combo

with choice of soup or salad

Soup & Salad Combo

Served with one of our traditional salads and soup.

Traditional Salads (no charge)

Add Chicken or Italian Chopped Meat Mix: +3

Add Avocado: +1.5

Regular Drinks (no charge)

Ala Carte


Add Chicken +3

Add Vegan CHIK’N or Green Chile Machaca: +4

Add Avocado +1.5

GF Gluten Free

K Keto-Friendly

V Vegan items exclude animal products, their by-products, egg and dairy products.

DF (dairy-free) is free from casein, whey and lactose.

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