Picazzo’s: Leading the Way in Gluten-Free

Gluten FreePicazzo’s recognizes the challenges faced by those who suffer from Celiac disease, the genetic autoimmune disorder that leaves some people with a gluten intolerance.

We have created a diverse menu on which nearly all the items featuring a gluten-free option. In addition, all our pastas, breads, and croutons are gluten-free. In creating our menu, we have minimized the risk, by nearly 100 percent, of cross-contamination in our kitchens. However, we have not sacrificed great taste and quality in maintaining high safety standards.

By partnering with product specialists to created a gluten-free flour, which also serves as the base for our pizza doughs and desserts, we have re-created classic dishes that maintain the texture and flavor of their gluten-filled counterparts.

Below are links to helpful resources regarding a gluten-free diet.

Ancient Harvest Quinoa
Our organic gluten-free pastas are made in a completely gluten-free facility.

Celiac Sprue Association
Includes information on Celiac disease, gluten-free cooking, a product listing and Cel-Kids network

Celiac Disease Foundation
Featuring support, information, and assistance for people affected by Celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (CD/DH)

American Celiac Disease Alliance
A national organization representing the needs of patients, researchers, and food manufacturers.

Containing gluten-free diet resources

Southern Arizona Celiac
A support group dedicated to assisting residents and visitors in southern Arizona who are gluten-intolerant

Phoenix Celiac
Providing support and education to those leading a gluten-free lifestyle.