Your Tempe/Chandler neighborhood Picazzo’s!

440 W Warner Rd., Tempe, AZ  85284

NE corner of Kyrene and Warner

General Manager, Sean Manning



Sean Manning, leads the Tempe team.  Sean is truly family by now having worked for Picazzo’s since 2006. He has worked at nearly every location, started up several and on top of his extensive daily duties of running an efficient restaurant, he is responsible for keeping our Spirits and Vino menu trending and current!  He is also our resident foodie and knows where to find the Best Of most anything in the valley.  You are the BEST, Sean!



Kimmer, The Kitchen Manager



Kimmer is our Kitchen Manager who is responsible for what we call in the restaurant business, the BOH (Back Of the House)!  She orders, she cooks and she manages the entire kitchen staff!  Each location makes everything “home made” in their own locations kitchen.  She won the “marinara cook-off” at the last quarterly manager’s meeting for the best consistency and flavor.  They were all great of course, but hers stood out from the rest.  She adds her smile and LOVE into every recipe!





Colin, our server extraordinaire is always ready to serve you. This wonderful team member has been with this location from the beginning of the opening of Tempe.  Colin started as a busser, has trained to be a bartender and loves serving all of our guests.  Do not hesitate to ask him about something on the menu as he knows it inside and out!  I can’t wait to visit this location and get a hug from Colin and find out what’s new in his life.  Tip him well, he deserves it!





August our bartender, creates wonderful hand-crafted cocktails!  He also can suggest the perfect vino or beer if you are undecided. When he isn’t busy interacting with our guests and providing excellent service, he is coaching football this time of year.  Look at those hands!!  We love you August!






Seeing our neighbors show up on their bicycles to dine with us is not an uncommon sight.  This beautiful family are regular guests and we LOVE seeing them roll in!




Serving Tempe/Chandler since 2013.

We’d love to serve you and your friends and family, soon!

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