Barb H. has never had a bad meal in 5 years of regular dining with Picazzo’s!  Picazzo’s received this wonderful review below from Barb and we decided to reach out to first of all, to thank her for her glowing review and to find out a little more about her.  She is clearly recognized by the staff in two of our five locations.  But, why is Picazzo’s her “go to” restaurant with so many restaurants available in the valley?

Barb moved to Scottsdale 5 years ago from Connecticut and started looking around for places to dine that she felt comfortable as she often brings a book and sits as a single.  Our bartender, Nick immediately endeared himself to her with his personality and great service and knowledge of the menu.  She came for the amazing ½ off appetizers and other happy hour specials from 3-6 pm and really enjoyed the comfortable patio.  She found herself choosing to come also for lunch on Saturday or Sunday as a place to relax and enjoy safe, healthy gluten free meals.  She says “It feels like my home away from home”.

Her work moved her to Sedona, and she quickly recognized our Sedona location on 89A west of downtown and became friends with Rob, Picazzo’s longtime, devoted bartender and server.


Barb would enjoy her church service then the car pointed towards Picazzo’s for the wonderful lunch specials, served daily seven days a week from 11 am – 3 pm.  Her favorite lunch is the GF pepperoni pizza slice and chopped salad, part of Picazzo’s lunch special served daily.





I love this place! The staff are always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile for you! The manager Steven is awesome, he always welcomes you with a smile! 🙂 I always feel welcome here!
My favorites are the Lunch special pizza and chopped Italian salad, the wings Italian Style, the Baked Brie  appetizer and the Caprese salad! Their pasta is awesome! I have been coming here 5 years and have never had a bad meal, ever!  It’s organic fresh and gluten free! Definitely come and check this place out, I promise you will not be disappointed!  🙂 Ask for Kyla, tell her Barb sent you!

Her work brought her back to Scottsdale and she quickly found her way to Picazzo’s Scottsdale Promenade location where she found that Nick was soon leaving as he accepted the General Manager position at the new Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen location in the Arrowhead area of Glendale, Arizona.  As the torch was passed to other servers that expressed an interest in bartending, Kyla stepped up and continued with wonderful service.

Barb shared a story about meeting someone for a blind date at Picazzo’s.  Kyla was serving the bar that evening and was observing how the date might be progressing.  After their meal, they left and as soon as Barb saw that the man had driven out of the parking lot, she popped back in to Picazzo’s where Kyla said, “It didn’t go so well, did it??”  She offered Barb a warm smile and a glass of wine on the house as she decompressed from the experience.  They share many stories after having shared this funny experience together.

Barb also loves Stephen, the general manager of Scottsdale, and followed the joyous celebration of the arrival of Stephen’s first child, a baby girl.  She appreciates his warm greeting and smile and is part of what makes Picazzo’s, Barb’s “GO TO” to place for sure!

When her family visits the valley, she takes them to one of Picazzo’s restaurant locations.

Scottsdale Promenade Back Patio

Barb is a savvy Rewards Member and as a regular, likes to “rack up” points.  She likes to get them to a certain level and then enjoys all of the savings.  Go to our website at and scroll down for details about our Rewards program.

Thank you for being part of the Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen for 5 years!  We look forward to many family meals together!

Keep racking up the points!!!

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