Picazzo’s newest location in the Arrowhead district of Glendale, AZ is the new kid in town!

8280 W Union Hills Dr., Ste. 100, Glendale, AZ  85308

(next to Arrowhead Grill)

Leading the pack is Nick Rowland, General Manager, promoted from Supervisor and bartender in the Scottsdale Promenade location where he attracted a frequent and loyal guest base because of his amazing recall of each guests preferences and extremely personable nature.  Nick said, “It was truly bittersweet to leave Scottsdale, as he was fond of his loyal guests and fellow employees, but he couldn’t pass the fantastic opportunity to run the new location.”


Nick is a true family man and shares his life with his beautiful wife, Kim and three children Keeley, TJ and Coree.  He is very proud to support his wife as a full time mom to their children.  His pleasure is providing for their happiness and comforts.  Kim is very patient with his long hours as she also worked in the hospitality business prior to having their children.


Nick worked for Picazzo’s from 2005-2008 and then took the next 5 years to serve in the military airborne infantry.  Thank you for serving our country, Nick!!  When he returned in 2012, he got married and was assured by then, GM Chris Disney that “his job was waiting for him when he returned.”



During his full time career in Scottsdale, Nick also earned a degree in Sports Management from the Grand Canyon University.  He graduated December 15, 2017 and immediately jumped into the long and rewarding hours of opening a new restaurant.  Arrowhead had a soft opening December 20 and 21 with friends and family to warm up the brand new team that had been training in our Scottsdale and Phoenix/Paradise Valley locations for 2-3 weeks.

Instead of sleeping, Nick pursues his passion for fitness through power lifting.  He works out every morning before work to keep himself fit for championships.  He won the World Championship in November of 2017 for Power Lifting in Las Vegas, NV.  He has been competing for the last 3 years. Kim also power lifts and holds all the state titles for her age and weight class.  Their daughter likes to tag along now to the gym and has her bar for lifting and wants to lift like her mom and dad.




Nick aspires to travel to Europe, especially Ireland and Scotland as the standing long time architecture fascinates him and he would like to experience it in person.  Although, Italian and Irish, let’s see Nick attain this Bucket List!  He is on a roll, so I wouldn’t be surprised that he will attain this goal also.

Picazzo’s Family Holiday Party

Please join us in congratulating Nick on his “extreme” accomplishments when you see him perusing the Picazzo’s Arrowhead Healthy Italian Kitchen restaurant supporting his team and touching your table to find out how your meal is progressing!  Thank you!!

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