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Soups & Small Plates

Fresh Organic Salad


Add Chicken or Italian Chopped Meat Mix: +4.25 (+3.25 for side salad) | Add Vegan CHICK’N: +5/4

Add Sustainable Baked Salmon Filet +7.5 | Add Avocado +1.75

Salads include a complimentary slice of house-made focaccia upon request.


Crust Options

Organic Original, Gluten-Free Vegan Cauliflower, Gluten-Free Original


Fresh + Gluten-Free

Add a mixed greens salad to any pasta for only 5.95 OR a cup of soup for 2.95. Substitute “Zoodles” for any pasta for no charge

Hot Comfort Food

Skillet-Baked Dishes

Add a Mixed Greens or Caesar Salad 5.95 OR a Cup of Soup 2.95

Vegetarian Quinoa Bowls

Non-GMO & Gluten-Free


Add Chicken: +3.25  | Add Vegan CHICK’N  +4

Add Sustainable Baked Salmon Filet +7.5 | Add Avocado +1.5

KF Keto-Friendly