Table Salt vs. Unrefined Sea Salt

What’s the pink stuff in the shaker on my table? Table Salt vs. Unrefined Sea Salt

There are indeed groups of folks who should not consume salt, in any form, but the fact is, the majority of us NEED it. Yep, need it. Let’s break down the three different kinds of salt you will find.

Table Salt

Most homes and restaurants have this white stuff sitting next to the pepper. It’s called table salt. Table salt is mined from rock or the ocean, blasted with heat, chemically treated, and mixed with anti-caking agents. The, once alive, sea salt is now dead, and void of its original calcium, magnesium, potassium and 90 other trace minerals and micro-nutrients. Small, insignificant amounts of iodine are added back into the now sodium chloride substance and called table salt.

Unrefined Sea Salt

Sea salt refers to the unrefined salt derived directly from the living sea. True, real sea salt is harvested in the same ways it was over 2000 years ago by French salt farmers. The salt is gathered by channeling ocean water into large trays and allowing the sun and wind to evaporate it, naturally. 100% natural sea salt maintains its integrity, all of the trace minerals are fully intact with the original, Mother Nature intended balance of sodium and chloride plus calcium, magnesium, potassium and other micro nutrients. These minerals are alive and are naturally grey (or pink or black) in color. Unrefined sea salt also retains its moisture; no anti-caking agents are added so the salt will naturally stick together in the bag.

‘White’ Sea Salt

Sea salt became popular a few years ago. At this point, mass production began and even bottles marked ‘sea’ salt on your grocery store shelves is now white and free flowing, meaning they have processed or bleached the unrefined sea salt and added anti-caking agents.

This salt business is the same concept as white vs. whole grain bread. Table salt or refined sea salt can cause problems in the body. Manufacturers, vendors, and restaurants reducing sodium in their products are a good thing. However, unrefined sea salt is essential to life. Our bodies were naturally designed to take in real, unprocessed sea salt. Why would we have salt taste buds if it were bad for us? We need real natural salt for protein digestion, carbohydrate digestion, adrenal function, cellular metabolism and brain development. Natural unrefined sea salt is the entire package, the way Mother Nature intended it to be… now why would you have it any other way?

Ps. Yes, it’s the unrefined sea salt you can find on the tables at Picazzo’s Organic Italian Pizza Kitchen!

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